Last modified: 21.04.2010

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GeanySendMail is a little plugin for Geany IDE to send a document (e.g. a source code file) directly from Geany as attachment of a mail by using user's mailer.


GeanySendMail needs a mailer that allows creating a new mail with attachment by calling a command line command. Also it requires Geany in version 0.16+ with its headers as well as GTK2 (GTK >= 2.6.x) developing environment for compiling.

Please keep in mind, GeanySendMail is not tested on Windows systems very well


Downloads & Version

This versions are available:


At you are able to find a number of historical packages of GeanySendMail.

SVN and current developer snapshots

A central repository for current dev version is available at Geany-plugins project on by checking out
svn co
or using git with
git-svn clone