Last modified: 10.06.2011

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GeanyLaTeX is a plugin for Geany IDE to improve work with LaTeX.


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A more detailed list and some more information can be found on the manual pages here.

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GeanyLaTeX needs Geany >= 0.19 in combination with an C-compiler and GTK2 environment. Also there should be a working (La)TeX-environment on your System.

GeanyLaTeX is not tested on Windows systems very well.

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A couple of screenshots are available at screenshots subpage. Have a look here.

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Downloads & other versions

The complete source code is available through a svn inside geany-plugins project at You can checkout the current version by using svn co geanylatex.

Also you can download the source code as tarball from:

If you are interested in an earlier snapshot or release, please check for historical packages.

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